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About Us

UPR Designs is a fresh, dynamic and innovative web consultancy based in County Armagh, Northern Ireland. We speciaise in producing high quality, professional web sites and Internet solutions tailored to your business needs. Professional website design at afforable prices!

We pride ourselves on understanding our clients and therefore recognise that every business is unique. As a result, each web project is customised and tailored towards yor specific requirements. UPR Designs will aim to educate you about the internet technologies involved in making your website while explaining any web jargon or technical processes along the way.

Innovative, Dynamic, Creative Internet Solutions for Small Business

Why UPR Designs?

There are an abundance of web design companies available who are all vying for your business. We now present reasons why you should choose UPR Designs.

We are a 'One-stop solution' for all your internet needs. Our services cover all aspects included in promoting your company over the internet such as obtaining your web address, designing your web site, hosting it on the internet, search engine promotion and online marketing.

UPR Designs have vast experience and extensive knowledge in the area of online marketing and search engine optimisation. Your site will therefore follow a strategic design process from the beginning with the aim of achieving high rankings in search engines in addition to your own requirements.

We specialise in designing web sites that are fast to download, easy to navigate, stylish and fully functional. We pay great attention to detail and don't believe in cutting corners. Every element of your site will be geared toward fulfilling your goals, from layout and navigation to content and aesthetics.

Research informs us that larger companies often charge up to 2 or 3 times more than our rates. We believe that our services are the best available in terms of quality and price. Our services can be offered at a reduced rate as we do not incur the large overheads of all the largr companies.

We're Serious About What We Do

The ICT industry is constantly changing and none more so than Internet technologies and design formats for the web. It is there essential that you choose a company who is committed to the industry and keep up to date with new developments and relevant training. UPR Designs are a registered member of the UK Web Design Association (UKWDA) in addition to a member of the Bristish Computer Society (BCS).

UPR Designs, Registered Member of the UK Web Design Association

And if you don't believe us, just ask our clients.


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