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E-Commerce Solutions

What is E-Commerce?

Put simply, E-Commerce is the use of the Internet to do business. More importantly, it is changing the way that people and organisations operate or do business. From large multi-national corporations to small cottage industries and part-time companies, businesses are going online, opening up their products and services to new channels worldwide. There are many ways to get your products and services online, from simple brochure web sites to high-end database driven, online credit card verification solutions.

E-Commerce not only offers the benefits of categorising your products for your customers, it provides them with the capability of buying direct from your web site at any time and from anywhere in the world. Nevertheless, the benefits are endless, your business has a virtual shop front open to a world wide customer base 24 hours a day, 7 seven days a week. Make your business truly global and customise your marketing for the American and Far Eastern markets that were previously unobtainable. Lastly, consider the potential sales you could achieve while you are sleeping in your bed, eating your dinner or away on holiday and you will realise that an E-Commerce web site is an opportunity just too good to refuse.

There are various elements that are required for an E-Commerce web site:

Shopping Cart Software

Shopping Cart software from UPR DesignsShopping Cart Software allows your customers to browse your products and purchase them directly from the website. The 'online store' application has an administrative panel that allows you to track orders, set postage and packaging costs, products prices, stock levels, special offers and popular buys. UPR Designs use proven shopping cart software that is easy-to-use, highly customisable and user friendly for potential customers.

Payment Solutions

Payments Solutions from UPR DesignsThere are many options that companies may take to start accepting online payments. Choices vary depending on the type of product or service being sold, uncertainty about the uptake of sales, volume of sales, compatibility with your bank or setup costs. However the two basic requirements to start accepting online payments in the text-book fashion are:

  • Internet Merchant Account
  • Payment Service Provider

Irish Internet Merchant Account

You will need to make an appointment with your bank with a view to obtaining an Internet Maerchant Account. This service allows your business to accept online payments electronically, such as funds from credit/debit card transactions.

For more information visit the following links: Bank of Ireland | Allied Irish Bank | Ulster Bank

Payment Service Provider

Your Payment Service Provider is responsible for providing the real-time credit card transation technology for use with your website. When a customer enters their credit card details on your site, the PSP will talk to their bank and authorise or decline the credit card. If accepted, the funds will be deposited to your account, and the transaction is complete.

For more information visit the following links: WorldPay | Realex Payments | euroConex

Secure Web Hosting

Secure Website Hosting and SSL Certificates from UPR DesignsAlthough not always necessary, UPR Designs can supply your company with the necessary secure web site hosting to accept online payments. This includes an SSL certificate that gives potential customers the necessary confidence to purchase online. This reduces the risk of Fraud which currently costs UK individuals and businesses more than £400 million a year.

How you go about setting up an online store, is largely tied to your requirements and ultimately your budget. For smaller businesses who are not expecting a high volume of sales or companies who may want to 'test the water', it can be a good idea to look at signing up with a Payment Bureau, or Person2Person third-party processor.

For more information visit the following links: PayPal | Nochex | Protx | Netbanx | 2Checkout

Prices an E-Commerce website vary depending on the size of online store you require and the method you choose to sell these goods online. Contact UPR Designs for a quote or complete the FREE web consultation.

UPR Designs Ecommerce Solutions

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