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Web Maintenance

As the Internet is a live medium it is essential that your website is kept up to date with new features being added on an ongoing basis. This keeps the site content fresh and encourages repeat visitors. At UPR Designs we offer you the choice of maintaining the site yourself or letting us do it for you, leaving you free to run your business.

Web Maintenance

We don't believe in a fixed-cost service contract, nor do we believe is charging extortionate prices for simple updates. Instead, we charge a very competitive and reasonable hourly rate for any updates or modifications that you request. All web maintenance work however, has a minimum fee of £25.

Content Managment System

If you choose to update the website yourself, we will design your site to be integrated with a Content Management System. We can supply this program for you and provide initial training and support materials. As a word of caution this solution tends to be dependant on the one person and therefore requires their time and availability. It is also recommended that only textual changes are made as poor quality or badly aligned images and graphics can create a very negative impression.

What is a Content Management System?

A CMS is a system used to manage the content of a web site. It enables technical and non-technical people to create, edit, manage and finally publish a variety of content to their website. Websites developed by UPR Designs are strategically designed so that they can be easily and frequently modified by users with limited or no technical skills at all, while maintaining formatting rules, structure and ensuring a coherent website appearance.

The CMS recommended and employed by UPR Designs is Macromedia Contribute. We will construct various website templates that form the basis of your website's design and visual appearance. Editable regions are then assigned to areas where content is needed to be frequently updated. Contribute's user-friendly interface is then used to edit this content, before publishing the changes live on the internet.

Does your site need a CMS?

Small sites that are rarely updated are usually best set up using a static file system maintained by UPR Designs. Nevertheless, if your proposed site will require regular (e.g. monthly) changes, it would be recommended that you use Macromedia Contribute as a CMS. If you feel you would like a website developed that you could easily update on a regular basis use the contact form to ask us more information. UPR Designs can arrange training so that your staff are proficient with this software program and will be confident performing typical day-to-day tasks.Macromedia Contribute

For more information visit the official Macromedia website.


Website Redesign

Is your website old and outdated? Perhaps, it needs a face lift or a redesign to fit in with your company's branding. Maybe, your current website needs to be redeveloped to fall in line with SEO principles. If you find yourself nodding in answer to any of the above questions, then have UPR Designs redesign your website. Take advantage of our promotional Free Internet Consultation or visit our Web Design, Online Marketing and E-Commerce sections for more information.


Visit our Help Section for more Web Maintenance FAQs.


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