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Why add Multimedia features to your Web site?

Adding multimedia to your web site can give your website that interactive edge, provide accessibility for users with disabilities or provide more detailed information for potential users. UPR Designs use state-of-the-art multimedia development platforms to develop interactive Flash websites, provide discussion forums, chat rooms and message boards and add digital audio or video files for a dynamic user experience. Accessibility is becoming an imperative requirement of many online applications and therefore UPR Designs develop websites that follow the guidelines of the WAI. This can include the functionality to increase/ decrease the font size, use of audio to accompany text and setting hot-keys that can be used as short-cuts or an alternative to the mouse.

UPR Designs Multimedia, Flash, Video, Sound, Interactivity

Flash Animation

Flash can be incorporated into websites to provide high impact and visually appealing, rich media for the Internet. One of the bemefits of using Flash on your website is the ability to bring your website to life through the use of animated text and graphics. Some users believe that Flash increases download times and will therefore ultimately annoy potential browsers. Nevertheless UPR Designs will achieve optimal results for your target audience, so that download times will be just as quick as a normal, standard web site. Furthermore, Northern Ireland is set to become Europe's first country with 100% Broadband availability and therefore connection speeds and download times are not an issue.

Not all websites require Flash and UPR Designs will advise on its suitability for your site. However, typically uses include: Intro animation, Animated website header, simple animated sequence, motivational presentation and sounds and interactive maps.


Discussion Forums, Chat Rooms

UPR Designs Discussion ForumAdding interactivity to a web site is a valuable feature for creating an online community or increasing repeat website visitors. UPR Designs can install high quality, database driven discussion forums with many topics for users to browse, create discussion and debate with an online community. Likewise, chat-rooms allow people to network, share ideas and solve problems in an instant, eliminating an geograohical boundaries or distances by permitting real time discussion.

Quicktime Virtual Reality (QTVR)


Video and Sound


Visit our Help Section for more Multimedia FAQs.



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