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UPR Designs specialise in web design from conception to creation. We develop web sites with strong visual appeal, accessible and intuitive navigational systems and strategic design to perform well in all major search engine results. Our in-house web design service includes the following as standard:

  • Web site design
  • HTML, XHTML, DHTML, CSS, Javascript Programming
  • Forms development
  • Custom graphics
  • Image scanning and editing
  • Search Engine Optimisation

Optional Extras:

UPR Designs Web Design Package

UPR Designs fully consider the following issues during the design process: site navigation, screen layout (optimisation for various screen dimensions), download times, browser types and release versions and facility for interactivity with the site visitors.

Our Approach

Whilst every web project has its own special set of requirements, there are basic considerations that all projects share. For this reason, UPR Designs carefully consider what those goals are in terms of an internet presence. This can be accomplished by breaking each project down into 6 easy steps with the client being included and consulted each step along the way.

Step One - Meeting the Client
The first step of every project is a meeting with the client. Typically this meeting will be to complete a website specification form and sketch a sitemap detailing the main sections of the website. We will endeavor to listen to you, our client, and review your content to plan how your site should be laid out. Having established the site structure, the client will then be required to provide copy writing and other site content to accompany these sections.

Step Two - Market Research
This would involve carrying out market research on the client's target audience, including investigating other relevant websites. Analysis from this research is then used to formulate initial design concepts for the website.

Step Three - Presentation of Initial Concepts
This consists of initial design concepts being visualised that would illustrate to the client how the website would be rendered in an internet browser. This is known as the 'design' stage. These initial concepts can be presented at a second meeting in the form of colour storyboards or via email.

Step Four - Presentation of Revised Concepts (if required)
In Step four, feedback from the client will be fed back in to the design process and a revision of the preferred visualisation would be produced. Amended versions would be sent to the client in the electronic form of Adobe Acrobat pdf's via email (a convenient cross-platform format that saves on paper). If the concepts are approved we then move on to Step Five.

Step Five - Sign-Off
The project is now at an advanced stage. Approval of the design concepts are sought from the client - a stage referred to as the 'sign-off'. The project moves into a development stage where everything is 'brought together'. We take all the defined elements from the previous steps and programme the website in its specified environment. Images and copywriting are also required from the client in order to populate the site. During this development stage, the website can be reviewed and tested by the client via the internet on UPR Design's server space.

Step Six - Publish
The final stage of the project involves publishing the website on the internet. The navigational system and interactive elements will be thoroughly tested before being uploaded to a 'live environment'. This also provides an opportunity for the client to request any minor changes. Once you are satisfied with the site, it will be initially submitted to a number of selected search engines.

Logo Design

UPR Designs offers high quality logo design for a low, affordable price. A company logo is a visual representation of your business and symbolizes your corporate identity, its aims and objectives and the industry you operate in. A professional logo is essential to create a positive first impression of your business to your customers. We research your industry and products or services before designing a logo that consistently ties in with your corporate color scheme to create a very uniform and recognisable identity for your business.

Contact Us for more information about designing a company logo.

Why have a Web Site ?

The latest Internet statistics claim that there are over 900 million browsers world-wide. This represents 900 million potential customers that can visit your web site day or night. Closer to home, their are 34 million users online in the UK and 1.3 million in Ireland. The internet is a new medium for you to promote your company and its products/ services to potential customers.

Consumers are very demanding, that goes without saying. However, in this digital age, customers expect to see a web site for almost all types of businesses. Furthermore, they expect to be able to email you. By having a website designed you will raise the profile of your company.

The beauty of the Internet is that it lets smaller businesses compete on a level playing field with their larger competitors. It allows you to reach new markets that were previously unobtainable all at totally affordable cost. The remaining question is therefore, can you afford not to have a web site?

Visit our Help Section for more Web Design FAQs.


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